Executive Management

Daniel Wild

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel S. Wenzel

Chief Operating Officer and Founder

Jan Nyholm

Chief Strategy Officer

Alexander Köhler

Head of Finance

Company Building Europe

Ingo Drexler

Chief Investment Officer

Philipp Hartmann

Founding Partner Rheingau Founders

Florian Fischer

Investment Manager

Company Building Southeast Asia

Marco Stutz

Investment Director Southeast Asia

Julian Schmid

Managing Partner Mountain Indonesia

Carlo Herold

CEO Mountain Thailand

Jon Santillan

CEO Mountain Philippines

Company Building Latin America

Héctor Sepúlveda

CEO and Managing Partner Mountain Nazca

Marc Penkala

Investment Director Latin America

Felipe Henríquez

Partner Mountain Nazca Chile

Eduardo Amadeo

Managing Partner Mountain Nazca Argentina

Patricia Saenz

Managing Partner Mountain Nazca Colombia

Andres Barrios

Managing Partner Mountain Nazca Mexico

Company Building Middle East & Africa

Pawel Iwanow

Investment Director Middle East & Africa

Business Angel Club – ANGELGATE

Corporate Communications & Investor Events

Christoph Stirnemann

Corporate Communications and Investor Events


Management Support

Christine Schmitz-Riol

Management Support and Founder

Philip Behrends

Assistant to Dr. Cornelius Boersch