Simplesurance increases Funding

March 2017

Simplesurance increases Funding

Simplesurance, a Mountain Partners portfolio company, announced the close of a new financing round and increases its total funding to over 30 million Euros. With this, the insurance start-up strengthens its competitive position and expands its digital broker business to become a well-funded market leader in the global InsurTech industry.

The Berlin-based start-up simplesurance is a leader in the InsurTech industry developing innovative cross-selling solutions for e-commerce and product insurances. “The additional funding will support the simplesurance-group in strengthening our competitive position as a leading cross-selling provider for product insurances for e-commerce businesses around the world as well as expand our digital consumer broker service,” said company founder and CEO Robin von Hein.

The simplesurance-group develops innovative cross-selling software solutions that have been integrated into more than 2.000 online retail shops, enabling customers to purchase product insurance at the point-of-sale. Leading ecommerce companies and as well as smartphone manufacturers Huawei and OnePlus are among the companies utilizing simplesurance’s solutions. The one-click-experience in the shopping basket provides customers with an all-inclusive service during their digital customer journey. Both generation of insurance relevant data, claim management and repair processing are fully automated.

Robin von Hein, founder and CEO of the simplesurance-group, announced that another closing is planned in this year. The company has been steadily growing since its formation in 2012 and has since built a strong presence in 28 countries. Simplesurance has changed the acquisition of new customers for insurances through its cross-selling solution. Now, simplesurance positions oneself as digital broker for insurance policies.

Recently, simplesurance launched an app with the goal to extend the value chain for its customers and extends the existing offer of product insurance in e-commerce and the proprietary retail platforms and more. The funding will support simplesurance to expand their newly founded Broker Model, says Robin von Hein. The app enables consumers to compare, purchase and manage insurance policies from a wide selection of providers. Customers also have access to an insurance expert that can provide guidance in selecting the right policy directly via app.

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