We have learned how to mitigate many of the risks of new technology ventures, how to grow them and to transfer exciting technologies to promising emerging markets. We have been able to extract best practices from our hard-learned experiences, which we now apply to each of our portfolio companies.

Today we have a proven track record in building successful businesses and globalizing their technology. We believe we are only at the beginning of the next digital revolution and that many disruptive new technologies will be developed and spread across the globe at an accelerated rate.

“My passion and vision is to make Mountain Partners a key player in this revolution. With our scalable system and global network, we are well positioned to make great technologies available to people all around the world”, outlines Dr. Cornelius Boersch Mountain Partners’ path to the future.

At the age of 20, Conny Boersch started his first company and has been a passionate entrepreneur ever since. His most successful venture was ACG, which he started in 1995 and IPO’ed in 1999. „This experience taught me two things: First, a great idea or a good product is no guarantee for success. Building a successful company requires a strong management skill set and the implementation of professionally structured processes. Second, only game-changing technology businesses offer the kind of return potential I had with ACG.“

Following the sale of ACG, Conny Boersch successfully started building new RFID technology-based firms such as Smartrac, which went public in 2006, NASDAQ-listed Identiv, and recently Sandpiper Digital Payments, nourishing his passion for supporting entrepreneurship, investing in start-up companies and building exciting technology businesses. This has taken him around the world, connecting him to leading entrepreneurs, investors and global families.

„My partners and I have invested in over 250 start-ups, educated and supported over 500 entrepreneurs and helped create more than 11,000 jobs in over 20 countries around the world.
I have witnessed how the combination of globalization and technology advancement has changed the entrepreneurial landscape and conditions for success. Where an entrepreneur with a good idea and determination used to be able to build his business over many years, today it demands speed, expertise, experience and access to capital.“

Recognizing those requirements, Conny Boersch started Mountain Partners, one of the first company builders and venture capital platforms. Over the years, Mountain Partners has developed a system that ‘engineers’ start-ups in a way Mountain Partners calls ‘Industrial Farming’.