Exasol’s analytic database now on Amazon Web Services

August 2016

Exasol’s analytic database now on Amazon Web Services

Exasol builds further support for cloud platforms and announces the availability of its analytical in-memory database on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the AWS Marketplace.

As more and more organizations see value in running applications in the cloud, the same goes for high-speed data analytics. Thanks to Amazon Web Services and its flexible pricing, companies of all sizes can now make use of data analytics within just a few minutes.

Dr. Jens Graupmann, VP Product Management of Exasol AG, comments: “The support of the leading cloud platform Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace enriches the existing platform offer from Exasol by another option. This opens new possibilities for real-time analysis, reporting and business intelligence to young or smaller companies. With this offer, we want to acquire new customer groups and facilitate their entry into our database solution.”

Alongside Amazon Web Services, Exasol can also be run on other cloud computing platforms including Microsoft Azure, Bigstep and EXACloud. EXACloud is the company’s own non-virtualized offering that delivers optimal performance and is backed up by premium support provided by Exasol’s skilled experts.


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