September 2016


Human, a Mountain Nazca portfolio company, launched its pre-sale exclusively through Indiegogo today and has currently reached over 60% of its flexible funding goal within few hours. The company’s first product is a wireless audio-communication device called “Sound”, which is inspired by the human ear and encapsulates it entirely.

CEO and Co-Founder Ben Willis describes the product in Wired Magazine as followed: “At its deepest context it’s about technology getting more natural in its design. And sort of, I guess, more inspired by the biological nature of humans.”

The wireless device comfortably and securely attaches to the ear. It includes a broad range of innovative features, namely Social, Fade and Amplify, which are said to transcend current headphone functionalities. Social allows a listener to selectively share audio with others. Fade allows to diminish external sounds and includes at the same time a microphone to increase the volume of the listener’s surroundings with a touch command. Amplify allows not only loud and rich sound but also the connection of multiple units under one audio source and thus the creation of room-filling sound.

Willis mentioned to GeekWire, a Seattle based technology news website, that “the Sound program will fundamentally transform the way the world experiences both audio and interpersonal communication.”

Since its inception in spring 2015, Human Inc. announced several funding rounds and was, at the same time, very secretive about details of the Sound program until launching the Indiegogo campaign.

Find out more on Indiegogo:

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