November 2016


Pessl Instruments, a Portfolio company of Mountain Cleantech Fund II, announces a partnership with Huawei to develop new end-to-end solutions to mitigate farming risks linked to natural disaster and extreme weather. Both companies are convinced that only cross industry partnerships can bring viable solutions to solve these complex problems, allow fast industry uptake and make farming worldwide smarter and more profitable.

Pessl Instruments has developed products for the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture for almost 12 years in more than 85 countries, according to Gottfried Pessl, CEO and founder of Pessl Instruments. He explains that the IoT instruments are standalone systems placed in fields and powered by solar energy that measure environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, rainfall or leaf wetness.

The new end-to-end solutions, available from mid of 2017, combine Pessl Instrument’s products with a Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) chip. This chip has a long range reach and connects almost every corner of the world as well as a broad range of devices with the Internet, using the commercial mobile network. Devices include, for example, remote weather stations that collect real-time weather data, soil moisture sensors and electronic traps for insects.

The farmers will get wide connectivity to their own field and will be able to take smarter decisions in a timely manner when applying plant protection products, spreading fertilizers, seeding, harvesting and in many other activities. Farmers end up in having the same crop with less input and thus increase the return of investment. Pessl summarizes: “We apply this technology to produce healthier food, to apply less chemicals and to have a sustainable world for everybody.”

Pessl Instruments is, with 32 years of experience, one of the longest established players in global precision agriculture. This, together with Huawei’s technology background and worldwide network within the mobile network industry are the key ingredients for success. Jiang Wangcheng, Vice President of Huawei’s Marketing and Solutions Department, is convinced about the cross industry partnership: “Huawei is committed by creating a bigger connectivity market so that leading industry players like Pessl Instruments as well as consumers can benefit from new opportunities and services. The NB-IoT project and the success achieved so far fully demonstrate our commitment.”

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