reBuy expands its European market leadership in online consumer electronics

June 2017

reBuy expands its European market leadership in online consumer electronics

ReBuy, a Mountain Partners portfolio company, continues to grow. The Berlin-based company has a profit of more than 24% for the 2016 financial year. Since the end of May 2017, the re-commerce company has now sold its electronic products to French and Dutch customers.

ReBuy, founded in 2009 in Berlin, is an online platform for buying and selling used electronics and media. With more than four million customers, the re-commerce company is the European market leader. Unlike other providers, reBuy provides immediate shipping and fixed price offers. Therefore, reBuy developed a safe refurbishment process that upgrades used goods according to the quality standards of the mass market. This also includes the provision of an 18-month guarantee on electronic products. ReBuy employs 500 persons.

With this sales start in the Netherlands and France, reBuy is now active in four countries including Germany and Austria. Strategic expansion into other countries is planned.
One of the greatest successes in the past fiscal year was the strong growth in the consumer electronics segment by 39% and the constant profitability achieved since mid-2016. In addition to its origins in used media, reBuy is increasingly focusing on the trade in used electronics.

Torsten Schero, CEO of reBuy said: “We are very pleased with the way our business has developed at all levels last year, with a clear focus on improving customer satisfaction, we have laid the foundation for sustainable, profitable growth.”

ReBuy is based on a business idea that aims to unite growth with the mission of meeting the throw-away society with a simple alternative. The vision of reBuy is to understand the used goods as a conscious alternative to new products, without compromising in optics or functionality, but with a great price savings. Also, the company aims to make hidden capacities usable and extend the lifecycle of products.

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