August 2017


Recorrido, a Mountain Partners portfolio company, joins forces with Pullman Bus, one of the largest bus operators in Chile. More than a thousand new bus routes throughout Chile are now bookable on Recorrido, which again is able to strengthen its position as the leading booking platform for bus tickets in Chile and Argentina.

“Pullman Bus is one of the most innovative and largest bus operators in the industry and covers almost all destinations in Chile from the very South near Antarctica, through Patagonia and central Chile up to the desert of Atacama in the North. This huge coverage enables us to further improve the offer for our customers.” says Simon Narli, co-founder of recorrido.

In Chile, 70 million bus tickets are sold every year, however, only 10% are sold online. Recorrido aims to increase this number to 50% in the next three years. Narli continues to explain: “By partnering with Recorrido the bus operators can easily tap into all the advantages of Ecommerce, sell their bus tickets online, reach new customers and increase the occupation rate of their buses.”

Recorrido was founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs from Germany, who first discovered the market potential of the segment during their backpacking tour through Chile in 2013 when they faced difficulties in buying their bus tickets through the internet.

In 2015, one year after its foundation, the company already counted one million unique users. With 10 million users and more than 700’000 tickets sold until July 2017, recorrido established itself as the primary online solution for buying bus tickets in Chile and Argentina.

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