Contract Management Service volders Secures EUR 5 Million Financing

April 2018

Contract Management Service volders Secures EUR 5 Million Financing

The Berlin-based startup volders has completed a Series A financing round of EUR 5 million. volders is an innovative web service that helps users monitor their personal contracts, such as for their mobile phones, utilities or gym memberships, from anywhere at any time.

The fresh capital, provided by the two new investors Reimann Investors and Andreas Bremke, comes shortly after the first investments of Mountain Partners and KfW in September 2017.

“We expect that more and more people will resort to a service like the one volders proposes. It will become natural to digitalize all contracts and to let a service manage them for you.” said Noel Zeh of Reimann Investors before adding: “volders promises great potential returns by meeting two critical customer needs in contract matters; simplification and transparency. The company fits very well into our investment strategy focused on digitalization and growth companies. We are excited to be a new shareholder of volders.”

According to the company, 800,000 customers are already using the service, which is why the new capital will mainly be used to hire at least 15 new customer advisors within the next 12 months.

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