Pessl Instruments, Agrotechnologia and Fagro Enter into a Joint Venture in the Mexican Market

Mai 2018

Pessl Instruments, Agrotechnologia and Fagro Enter into a Joint Venture in the Mexican Market

Pessl Instruments, a Mountain Cleantech company headquartered in Weiz, Austria, which develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk and irrigation management technology solutions, enters into a joint venture with Agrotechnologia de América and Fagro to create “METOS Fagro”.

Fagro is a socially responsible company, offering sustainable agriculture solutions by producing more healthy food, using fewer natural resources. Agrotechnologia de América is implementing revolutionary systems and successful models from other countries in Mexico with the objectives of improve growth, increasing quality standards, reducing operating costs, and creating a better standard of living for producers and their families.

The joint venture will be split between Fagro owning 49 %, Pessl Instruments owning 35 % and Agrotechnologie de America owning 16 % equity and represents a great opportunity for Pessl Instruments to expand its business in Mexico and the Americas. Mexico is an important export point for both the USA and Europe. “With the country being the largest producer of avocado in the world and its rapid value growth of berry crops over the last decade, the decision to expand our business through a joint venture was a logical step forward,” explains Gottfried Pessl, the founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments.

Pessl Instruments, as a leader in developing agricultural decision support systems and IoT solutions, has been involved in the Mexican market for the last 20 years. Enrique Audiffred, the Managing Director of Agrotechnologia de America and a farmer himself commented: “Agriculture in the region has encountered significant changes in the last decade. We see rapid growth and increasing importance of technology, but there is much hidden potential to discover, and we aim to do that together.”

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