MieterEngel Receives Financing from Lekker Energie

May 2018

MieterEngel Receives Financing from Lekker Energie

MieterEngel is a Berlin-headquartered startup providing digital solutions to tenants for any rental problem they encountered or will face in the future. It is the first startup in which Lekker participates as an investor and with this 8% stake Lekker opens up beyond its core business of electricity and gas sales.

The aim of the online tenant protection club MieterEngel is to provide its members through its online platform with cheaper, faster and more convenient help than tenant protection associations or lawyers can do. The start-up cooperates with a network of partner lawyers specializing in tenancy law. Two of the three club memberships (basic, pro-, and premium package) also include a tenancy protection insurance.

“We are accelerating our digitalization strategy with this stake in MieterEngel. We are responding to the fact that the distribution of contract products such as electricity and gas is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet.” explained Lekker Energy’s spokesman Josef Thomas Sepp. In order to test the sales opportunities of new products, Lekker needs a sustainable IT platform, an agile distribution and customer service excellence. In those fields Lekker Energie could learn a lot from a startup, which has managed to handle a similar business of tenant advice via an online platform.



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