Mountain Nazca Invests in TrueHome

Mai 2018

Mountain Nazca Invests in TrueHome

TrueHome, a startup based in Mexico City, joins the Mountain Nazca portfolio after the first stage of its seed round. TrueHome wants to reinvent the way real estate is transferred in Mexico by developing an online platform where people can easily and quickly sell their home without incurring the traditional commission fee.

The traditional commission fee structure in the real estate market in Mexico is a thing of the past, dating from the era before the internet, or so is the claim of TrueHome. This structure is in place in a very attractive market worth USD 9.6 billion with 32.9 million homes country-wide and according to Nielsen, more than 95% of homeowners research online before starting the process of selling their home.

TrueHome started its revolution at the center of the country, in Mexico City and provides a professional streamlined end to end service to homeowners.

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