Mountain Partners Malaysia Invests in Ethis

May 2018

Mountain Partners Malaysia Invests in Ethis

Mountain Partners Malaysia invests in Ethis Ventures, an Islamic Fintech Venture Builder in Malaysia started by the founders and advisors of the award winning Islamic Real Estate Crowdfunding platform It aims to create solutions that solve major gaps in the Global Islamic Economy (GIE).

The rise of the Muslim market – with almost 2 billion Muslims worldwide currently – brings the need for products and services rooted in Islamic values and in accordance with the religion’s principles. As technology becomes increasingly vital to society, the strong need for fintech in Islamic finance – which facilitates wealth management, everyday spending and promotes financial inclusion, becomes clear.

Ethis, which began in Singapore in 2014, launched the world’s first Real Estate Islamic crowdfunding platform and has since grown into a well-known brand having received the Islamic Economy Award from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016 in Dubai. You can find the video at this address (subtitles available in english).

As Mountain Partners continues to build global technology companies, the GIE makes up a significant part of the world’s population and Mountain Partners Malaysia is excited to work with leading entrepreneurs in this space, as explained by Hassan Alsagoff, CEO Mountain Partners Malaysia: “Fintech in Islamic Finance is beginning to show exponential growth with many needs to be served worldwide. We are excited to partner with Ethis and share our best practices in company building as well as help them expand to new markets. The founders and team have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in this space while building a strong brand with great potential for more solutions”.

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