After Startup Number Four, “Founding is Like Dating”

August 2018

After Startup Number Four, “Founding is Like Dating”

After failing in several foodtech starup projects, Chanyu Xu started her fourth company Ono Labs, together with entrepreneur Ramona Milcheva from the Company Builder Rheingau Founders, in summer 2017. The seed investor holds 45% of the Berlin startup, whereas Chanyu holds 47%. Ono Labs produces capsules containing powdered vegetables and plants, exclusively produced in Germany, aimed for a very special target group.

In her Interview, Chanyu Xu explaines that she wished to dedicate herself more on the women’s health topic. Additionally, she felt that in the delivery-service, food was wasted what concluded her to produce long lasting supplements, helping women who would deal with topics relevant to pregnancy. Her goal: helping women live a healthier, stronger, and better life from the desire to have children to after breastfeeding.

A product only for a very special target group is believed to have a hard time in finding investors, however, Chanyu is optimistic: “The theme is of course understood differently by men and women. Nevertheless, many VC- or private investors have children themselfes or will have children soon. Therefore, its no challenge to understand women and their needs. Men experience it everyday. Don’t we all have a mother of our own”.

As a female founder, Chanyu has felt that it is up most important to have a good relationship to the co-founders. Whether men or women, the choice has to be made wisely. “Founding is like dating. You should feel connected to your business partner, especially on a personal level”, reveals Chanyu.

In Chanyu’s 10-year experience building up several own businesses, she has dealt with many VCs wondering how to bring more women into entrepreneurship and/or to the C-level. For her, there is one major difference between men and women. While men do not care if they match all the criteria of a job requirement, women tend to doubt themselves much more. Unfortunately, even if the female entrepreneurship is growing drastically, few success stories are held on events. Being asked for a couple tips, Chanyu attests to be authentical and to never sell anything, that you could not account for. Additionally, she states that it is important to listen to yourself, believe and trust yourself, and to show it to the world. Last but not least, don’t let anyone make you insecure because mistakes happen, what fortunately is gender-neutral.

You can find the complete article and Interview of Chanyu Xu at this address.

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