Easy-Languages Students Taken Over by Lingoda

July 2018

Easy-Languages Students Taken Over by Lingoda

More personalized lessons, better connection: Easy-Languages Students get the best possible online learning experience.

Easy-Languages has merged with Lingoda, a decision based on Lingoda’s rapid growth and confidence in the new virtual classroom zoom-based technology. Around 500 Easy-Languages subscribers are now joining the 3,500 Lingoda students using the advanced virtual classroom technology to be taught by live online native-speaking teachers.

Founded in 2012 by the brothers Fabian and Felix Wunderlich, Easy-Languages used Skype to connect students and teachers in private lessons. The lessons were positioned on a fixed weekly timetable and the curriculum was based on printed language materials. Since the merge with Lingoda, students have the benefit of booking their lessons whenever, and create a personalized schedule with access to the digital curriculum, which consists of hundreds of lessons on many different topics.

Lingoda transferred all their students to the new virtual classroom earlier this year. The reaction to the change was predominantly positive. Teachers and students have praised the HD quality, the crystal clear sound and the reliable connection, even in regions with weak Internet connections.

Felix Wunderlich, co-founder and CEO of Lingoda, mentions: “The zoom-based platform represents a quantum leap forward for the students’ and teachers’ experiences. Skype was a satisfying platform when we founded Easy-Languages in 2012, but online learning has developed rapidly since then and students expect much richer online classroom experiences. Combining Easy-Languages and Lingoda allows us to do just that”.

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