Ecommerce Alliance AG becomes Mountain Alliance AG

August 2018

Ecommerce Alliance AG becomes Mountain Alliance AG

Last year, the two associated companies Ecommerce Alliance AG and Mountain Partners AG agreed to intensify their cooperation, and now Ecommerce Alliance AG has changed its name to Mountain Alliance AG. In an exclusive interview with the editors of, CEO Daniel Wild reveals what this means for their strategy, on which megatrends the company relies, and which investments are ready for exit. Wild aims to increase the portfolio asset value from 31 million Euros to around 100 million Euros. Ecommerce Alliance AG has changed its name to Mountain Alliance AG. What is the background to this change of name?

Wild: Since April 2017, we have been cooperating with Mountain Partners AG, which is also out majority shareholder with a 50.1% stake. We do not only want to coordinate our strategy, but also operate on the capital market under the same flag. Therefore, we have decided to change the company’s name to appeal to a broader base of investors. With your business model and portfolio, you are active in the market of digital companies and clearly distinguish yourself from investment companies that invest in traditional industries. What is your approach?

Wild: First and foremost, we want to profit from the dynamically growing online market and digital companies. In the context of the digital revolution, there are numerous opportunities for investment companies such as us. The aim is to identify and sustainably build exciting companies until they are ready for exit. It is important for us to invest in companies that are based on a megatrend. Can you give us two examples of a megatrend?

Wild: An example would be one of our shareholdings, the pet supplier company called Alphapet, benefitting from the shift from offline to online commerce. This business model is crisis-proof, as animal lovers do not safe on their pets and would only buy the best for them. Our investment Volders digitizes the management of insurance and consumer contracts – a real game changer. The strategy is working. Which exit strategy do you pursue?

Wild: So far, we have primarily sold our investments to strategic investors, which speak above all for our good reputation as a strong partner. For example, we sold our stake in the expat social media platform InterNations to the German business network Xing and our stake in the online luxury mall MyBestBrands was taken over by Signa Retail. And that’s not all: in April, Satellite Solutions Worldwide PLC acquired our stakes in the satellite Internet service providers Getinternet and Orbitcom. These examples show that our investments are certainly attractive for strategic investors.

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