Heroleads Disrupts Digital Economy in South East Asia

April 2016

Heroleads Disrupts Digital Economy in South East Asia

The online marketing platform Heroleads has been a success story in the Middle East for the past 3 years, but after launching the service in Thailand in 2015, its growth has further accelerated.
Heroleads provides an innovative online lead generation platform helping small and medium sized businesses to increase their online customer acquisition by using a mix of innovative tracking technologies, proven online marketing channels and experience. The company is now planning to use its latest funding to build out its operations in Thailand and to further tackle the expansion into neighbouring countries.

The two founders who successfully brought the business model to Thailand, are now leveraging its full potential in an emerging market where, according to official reports, the mobile penetration has exceeded its population and is still growing very fast. The resulting permanent connectivity of consumers has created a huge demand for businesses to professionalize their online marketing performance in order to keep up with, and grow their sales in, an increasingly digital era.

Helping established and traditional business owners deal with the rapidly changing demands of a digital society, Heroleads recently held education fairs together with Google to teach SMEs on how to use online marketing efficiently.

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