Heroleads Ventures closes Growth Financing Round

May 2016

Heroleads Ventures closes Growth Financing Round

In April 2016 Heroleads Ventures closed a growth financing round with a strategic investor based in Dubai, which will support Heroleads in its expansion across the Middle East and North Africa. While the 2016 roadmap includes further territorial growth in Indonesia, Latin America as well as South Africa, the Middle East and North Africa provide significant potential too.

Founded in 2013 in Dubai by Mountain Partners Middle East and Ben Kühn, Heroleads Ventures has emerged into an international project, involving entrepreneurs and teams across several emerging markets. The expansion is driven with hands-on support by the Mountain Partners hubs in Middle East, Asia as well as Latin America.
The core business model of Heroleads is as simple as it is powerful: companies across the world are hungry for new business. Heroleads caters towards that appetite by leveraging a platform-based approach to online-marketing along with scalable business development teams. Heroleads’ clients range from insurance companies, finance consultants, business schools, law firms to tire shops and beauty clinics.

“SME businesses are a universe of opportunity. The same applies to the complex universe of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Co. Heroleads is a bridge between those two universes”, says Ben Kühn, CEO & Co-Founder of Heroleads Ventures.


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