New Management Team for Wefox Germany

October 2018

New Management Team for Wefox Germany

Wefox Germany GmbH, a Financeapp AG company, is expanding its management level. Karl Grandl and Milan Veskovcic, two new managers, will join the Isurtech management team with immediate effect, according to a press release in October 2018. This means that the board, previously occupied solely by Tasos Chatzimichailidis, now has three members. The latter has been CEO of various Financeapp subsidiaries for the company for ony year.

In his new role as the Chief Insurance Officer, Grandl is responsible for the qcquisition and expansion of partnerships with insurers. The 47-year-old joined in July 2018 the management team at Wefox.
Veskovic also joined in July 2018. After his promotion, the 38-year-old is now responsible for the sales as the Chief Sales Officer.

The promotions were justified by the company because of the “Wefox global expansion plans”. Through business development and strategic goals such as winning new customers and expanding as a sales channel, the promotions were a necessity. In August, Insurtech announced the start of operations in Italy after Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

You can find the complete article in German on the website at this address.

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