Protection for bicycles often just a click away: simplesurance and Canyon start joint cooperation

July 2018

Protection for bicycles often just a click away: simplesurance and Canyon start joint cooperation

Canyon is Germany´s leading direct supplier of high-quality, sporty bicycles, which have already won several awards. For the customers, Canyon offers an important advantage: Since the dealer margin is no longer required, the price advantage ends up directly with the customers. In order to provide customers with the best possible after-sales services, Canyon has expanded its service to include bicycle insurance and has entered into a cooperation with simplesurance, the market leader for digital cross-selling solutions. Together, the fast-growing companies want to offer more safety to enthusiastic cyclists throughout Germany.

Theft represents the greatest danger for bicycles and are high financial losses for the owners. Bicycle theft has become an integral part of Germany´s cities. According to the police crime statistics, over 300´000 bicycles are stolen every year. Unfortunately, those thefts mostly happen in public places, which household insurance does not cover. Additionally to this disadvantage, household insurances do not cover vandalism, sabotage or other damages.

This is an issue that has been identified by simplesurance, and the reason why the bicycle insurance policy that protects bicycles anywhere and at any time and offers a quick repair in the event of damages has been launched. For this purpose, Canyon has integrated simplesurance’s cross-selling software into its shop so that insurances can be taken out directly at the point of sale. Based on the bicycle, the software is installed to automatically determine the insurance premium, which can be done with one click.

Customers benefit from a digital customer journey that continues after the purchase. Simplesurance handles the entire insurance chain, from the sale of the insurance to the customer service, claim management, and the repair process. “Whoever buys a personalized bike, wants to cover possible risks”, states Robin von Hein, CEO and founder of simplesurance. “We offer customers the perfect protection and Canyon a profitable add-on”.

“Our customers are emotionally connected with their Canyon bikes. Therefore a theft can be more than just annoying. Thanks to a suitable insurance policy, you won’t have to bear the costs of the damages. We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this fully integrated protection”, adds Thorsten Lewandowski, Global Communications Manager regarding the cooperation.

You can find the complete article and other news about the company on simplesurance’s website at this address.

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