reBuy on Expansion Course: Launch of

July 2018

reBuy on Expansion Course: Launch of

The Berlin-based startup reBuy, has also started their business in the UK, after France and the Netherlands.

The recommerce company reBuy continues to expand. The Berlin-based company has launched their new webshop in the UK in May 2018. At the moment, electronic devices in eight categories can be sold through Mobile phones, tablets, consoles, cameras & lenses, headphones, speakers, smart watches, and MacBooks.

The decision of choosing UK as the next country was obvious for reBuy. After China and the USA, UK is the third largest E-Commerce market in the world, which makes it the largest in Europe. This is due to a large percentage of very active online shoppers and the high turnover generated online.

Next to Germany, Austria, France, and the Netherlands, this makes the UK the fifth market for reBuy. There are plans to expand into additionally two countries this year.

reBuy announced at the beginning of the year, that it had closed the 2017 financial year profitably with sales of EUR 109m. The strategy for 2018 is to expand the E-Commerce company internationally.

CEO Torsten Schero comments: “In 2017, we implemented various measures to increase customer satisfaction, redesigned the IT structures, invested in our reBuy team, and worked on our automation process. We have created a strong base and received findings of EUR 21m. We are now focusing on the international scaling of our sustainable business model – which is absolutely in tune with the times throughout Europe”.

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