Service Partner ONE Wins Commerzbank as Client

April 2016

Service Partner ONE Wins Commerzbank as Client

The Rheingau Founders portfolio company Service Partner One is seeing a strong growth after only few months on the German market. The startup adds 25 to 30 percent new clients per month with a current customer base of more than 200 businesses using the service on a regular basis.

Sven Hock, founder of the company, has also increased the number of employees to more than 50 Berlin-based dedicated experts from all over the world and he is planning to further expand the service to 16 different branch offices across Germany by the end of the year.
The start-up provides companies with various essential office management services, such as the cleaning of office spaces, small repairs or the delivery of general office supplies. The platform simplifies the usually confusing ordering process by connecting all office related services in a one-stop-shop for office management services.

With a focus on small- and medium-sized companies, delivering fresh fruit baskets to more than 300 branches simultaneously is not really the start-ups daily business. The founders have, however, recently gained Commerzbank AG as one of its largest clients. The office management service provider now supplies fresh fruits and lunches to 300 Commerzbank branches, nourishing more than 2,000 employees on a regular basis.

Christian Hassel, Head of Decentral Strategy at Commerzbank AG in Berlin, is excited about Service Partner ONE: „We had the idea of sending fruit baskets to each of our 300 branch offices in East Germany. Fortunately, I had heard about Service Partner ONE, which offered the optimal service for our request. After the successful pilot project we decided to use the service on a regular basis for our management meetings, to deliver fresh fruits, snacks and even lunch.”

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