Apr 2019

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Mountain Partners

Bio-Gate AG: Bio-Gate AG decides on and places cash capital increase

Bio-Gate AG increased the company's share capital from authorized capital and excluding subscription rights. All new shares are subscribed by Syntos Beteiligungs GmbH and a fund advised by the French investment company ALTO INVEST SA.

The Executive Board of Bio-Gate AG decided to increase the company's share capital by EUR 500,000.00 from EUR 5,987,472.00 to EUR 6,487,472.00 by issuing 500,000 new shares. The new shares are placed at an issue price of EUR 2.00 per share in a private placement.


About Bio-Gate:

The health technology company Bio-Gate AG specializes in equipping materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties. It refines materials and products, in particular from medical technology, such as the coating of implants or wound dressings.

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